Meetings Direct

Strategic business development

Strategic marketing is today's answer to tough and tight budgets. It calls for a focused allocation of planning and effort to pinpoint opportunities in the minimum time - and to close the deal. It is the 21st century version of networking.

Now for the first time leading events organiser Cape Media Corporation is applying a strategic marketing initiative to all future conferences through its exclusive Meetings Direct programme.

Using the latest technology the objectives of each conference participant - delegates, exhibitors and visitors - are profiled to establish how their needs and expectations can be best met through targeted meetings with other participants with similar interests.

Focused discussions and presentations can then follow.

The unique Meetings Direct programme puts the interested parties together immediately, unlike the days of networking when a delegate could spend many hours searching for the appropriate contact often without success.

When its emphasis on efficient and strategic marketing the Meetings Direct programme brings a new and exciting dimension to Cape Media's business, investment and trade conferences - and much added value for those taking place.